ANARCHY、SALU、BAD HOP、田我流、ECD、SKY-HI、Taeyoung Boy、Gottz、Kvi Baba、YDIZZY、WILY WNKA、VIGORMANなど、すでに数多くの楽曲やRemixワークを世に送り出している。
自身名義では「Lost (EP)」(2017)、「Fortune Grand (Album)」(2018)、
田我流とのEP「More Wave」(2019)、(sic)boyとのEP「(sic)'s sense」(2020)をリリースしている。
現在2nd Albumに向けて部屋篭り中。

His style of music is not bound to just one genre of music, however, it has root origins and similarity to hip hop. The style has since become popular after his release of his own tracks. 

As a result he has been able to broaden his opportunities with his music, creating tracks for ANARCHY,SALU,BAD HOP,kiLLa, IO, Weny Dacillo, Kvi Baba, ECD, SKY-HI, and many more. He has also made a music piece for AbemaTV program in Japan as an audition.

At the 2018 he released an his 1st album, entitled "Fortune Grand". As for 2019, he will continue, and never stop, in his work to create new tracks for the future.

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